Daily Painting Sketchbook Feb 3-9

2.9.15_s 2.8.15_s






I've been anxious to try new techniques.. The bigger sketchbook is definitely a challenge to get a whole painting done in 30 minutes. I think some days are more successful than others. I started using some vintage paper in a few of these which is something I want to explore more.. As you can see every day I wake up and do something very different from the last.. I go with my mood.

Daily Paintings, Time passes Quickly!

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I thought it was a week since I last posted and it turns out to be 9 days. In this sketchbook I'm only painting on one side of the paper so I don't have spreads the way I had before.. In a way its more like a daily painting rather than a sketchbook series, they just happen to be in a book. I had contemplated doing away with the book completely.. but it felt too open that way.. Just using the larger size has made a big difference.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings 3.11-18

3.11&12correct 3.15&16




I was away from home alot this week. I've discovered that if I paint a background and bring some pens I can create these fun patterns. I just put on the timer, start at the bottom of the paper and work my up.. Im using uniball Signo pen white and gold, on black paint. The best surface is acrylagouache because its so smooth and easy to draw on. For #makeartthatsells class we got an exercise to play with neutrals. I combined my tasks and used neutrals for 2 days. Its a nice alternative to brighter colors sometimes. I like muddyish colors, they are very soothing.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings February 25-28

2.27&28 I finished 2 months of my sketchbook project today! It's been mainly a great experience so far, I wanted to get up and do this everyday. The downside is that even though it's only 30 minutes a day, it feels like much more. I spend some time thinking about what I am going to paint each day which can be overwhelming . But I've learned that I can always get something down, no matter how I feel. I've had days when I wish I was doing all this work on nice paper and not the sketchbook so I would be building up a nice group of finished work. But that would defeat the purpose of making these less precious. 10 more months to go.


Daily Sketchbook Paintings Feb 17-24


I was shopping at Trader Joe's and this woman caught my eye and the next day I painted one of my groceries. I'm surprising myself as to what I can accomplish in 30 minutes these days. Even though it's just 1/2 hour a day, this project feels big and seems to take up alot more time than it does. Could be that I am thinking about it alot.



My husband and I were out for dinner with friends. I hadn't done my drawing yet so I just drew them all sitting around the table.



I did these with pen on a painted ground. Black, white and gold gel pens. I started at the bottom and just worked my way up. I keep the timer on and at 30 minutes I stop wherever I am. I have a good sense of what I can get done though so I usually finish.



This winter has been ridiculous, cold and snowy every day. It seems that its the only topic of conversation. I really am looking forward to spring.

1.18-25 Daily Sketchbook

1.23&24 1.21&22



I went from the really cold to the very lovely this week. I had 3 days in Miami and 3 days in Naples, Florida visiting my Mom. Now I'm back to the cold. It was a nice getaway and I am happy I was able to stick to the discipline of the painting sketchbook. I had watercolors with me and just 2 tubes of gouache so the quality of the paintings are a little different. The hardest part is deciding what to paint each day. It feels very important but I'm working on not being too precious about it..



Daily Sketchbook January 4,5,6&7



It's so cold here today.. I went out 2 times so far, it took a while to wrap up.



January 4&5. Both of my Grandmothers when they were young from some beautiful old photo's. I messed up the face on the second one. I'm keeping my timing to 30 minutes or so for each sketchbook page so it stays manageable. So in the spirit of posting them all here she is..