Daily Sketchbook Tips: Permission to Myself

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Today is the 667th day of painting a day in my sketchbook. I'm in a slump. I still LOVE it more than anything. I don't ever want to stop. BUT, each day is taking me longer and longer to decide what to paint. It's taxing, stressful and I'm losing the joy. I know I can get it back but I need a short reset. I haven't wanted to give myself permission up to now to change the parameters of my project. But today I'm giving myself permission. I don't want to stop. Its like the opposite of giving up sugar. I can do it for 2 months but the minute I have a bit I can't stop. If I stop my daily sketchbook I'm afraid I won't get back to it... So for the next week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks or maybe only 3 days I am going back to my cheap MUJI sketchbook and setting the timer for 10 minutes. That's it. I'm still in the game but I'm saying yes to myself. Lets see what happens. I think its so hard for us to say yes to ourselves. It's self preservation and I think the we should all allow ourselves that.