Daily Paintings 10.7-16

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Well, I got the dates all mixed up, but it's still a painting a day so I'm not going to spend time fixing it all up... I'll talk about being creative everyday in the sketchbook. Its hard. I had many days this week when I really had no idea what to paint. I got frustrated and tired. My fingers felt like they couldn't even hold a paintbrush. But I find its really helpful to just put on the timer go. I don't always love it, or even like it, but I did it. I guess its just about showing up. Some of my best ones have come out on a morning like that. You just never know.

Daily Sketchbook 9.30-10.12 Vacation edition

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I went on a 2 week vacation with my Mom at the beginning of September. It was a cruise, not my personal choice of vacation travel but I was with my Mom and we went to beautiful places, so I just went with the flow. I don't like getting off a boat and seeing a place for a few hours with hundreds of other tourists.. but I found those were some of my favorite paintings.. All the different faces and bodies and expressions. I could have painted everyone. I got to see the Dalmation Coast where I've never been before so I can decide if I want to go back for an extended stay. I think I still need to wind down from this before I can make any real decisions on that. I used a new sketchbook, as I didn't want to take the other one in case something happened to it. I made a few mistakes here, leaving a page blank here and there.. It's always a bit odd to be out of the regular routine.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings 7.1-20

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More than 1/2 the month has gone by so quickly. I was on Cape Cod for a week which was so glorious. Beautiful weather, cool breezes, good food, the beach and relaxation. Every morning I set up my paints on the screened in porch and painted . I could be happy doing that more often! This month my sketchbook was featured in Uppercase Magazine! What a thrill. I'm so happy and grateful that my project this year has turned into something so special that resonates for many. I hope I've inspired others to start this practice, It's a life changer in so many ways. The most basic being that I can see that I can create something every day in such a short time. It has built alot of confidence. I recommend this for everyone.

Daily Painting Sketchbook 5.22-31

5.30&31 5.28&29




I've been juggling themes in the past few weeks in the sketchbook. Spring flowers and hats, Fruit and veggies, and ending the month with 30 minute Old Masters. That was a lot of fun and I will be continuing painting those occasionally when the mood strikes. I find more and more the page on the left informs the next day's painting on the right. The color choices, the mood. It doesn't always work but I'm thinking about that more and more. June is the beginning of month 6, I'm feeling accomplished/a little overwhelmed. The hardest part is still hardest to deciding what to paint each day.

Daily Sketchbook 3.19-26

3.25&26 This week I was away in Florida helping out my Mom who had a small eye surgery. She has lots of art supplies so I basically just brought a few pens with me and decided I would work with whatever I could find in her closet. I used pastels, oil pastels, poster paint, pens.. It was a challenge and lots of fun to explore what I could do with them. I felt for the soft pastels I would prefer a much bigger piece of paper, otherwise Im going to continue with some of these now that I'm home.


Plants and birds I saw on my walk to the beach as a pattern. The guy is back to my people reference from the NY armory show.


This lady was a hostess at a restaurant we went to. She was weighed down with so much jewelry... She was pretty awesome! The birds are from my walk.


I did the pattern on the plane, some kids in the seat next t me were very fascinated. The portrait is my Mom after her surgery, She only had to wear the eye patch for a day.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings 3.11-18

3.11&12correct 3.15&16




I was away from home alot this week. I've discovered that if I paint a background and bring some pens I can create these fun patterns. I just put on the timer, start at the bottom of the paper and work my up.. Im using uniball Signo pen white and gold, on black paint. The best surface is acrylagouache because its so smooth and easy to draw on. For #makeartthatsells class we got an exercise to play with neutrals. I combined my tasks and used neutrals for 2 days. Its a nice alternative to brighter colors sometimes. I like muddyish colors, they are very soothing.

Sketchbook Painting a Day








For 2014 I'll be adding a painting to my sketchbook daily. The top one is my first from this year and the rest I did in December. I love painting faces so there may be many portraits but I'm not limiting myself, I want to be intuitive to my feelings for the day. I'm not trying to be neat or perfect, just glopping on the paint and getting something done. My challenge will be the days I'm not home. I'm curious to see where I go with that.. More to come.