Daily Sketchbook 3.19-26

3.25&26 This week I was away in Florida helping out my Mom who had a small eye surgery. She has lots of art supplies so I basically just brought a few pens with me and decided I would work with whatever I could find in her closet. I used pastels, oil pastels, poster paint, pens.. It was a challenge and lots of fun to explore what I could do with them. I felt for the soft pastels I would prefer a much bigger piece of paper, otherwise Im going to continue with some of these now that I'm home.


Plants and birds I saw on my walk to the beach as a pattern. The guy is back to my people reference from the NY armory show.


This lady was a hostess at a restaurant we went to. She was weighed down with so much jewelry... She was pretty awesome! The birds are from my walk.


I did the pattern on the plane, some kids in the seat next t me were very fascinated. The portrait is my Mom after her surgery, She only had to wear the eye patch for a day.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings 3.11-18

3.11&12correct 3.15&16




I was away from home alot this week. I've discovered that if I paint a background and bring some pens I can create these fun patterns. I just put on the timer, start at the bottom of the paper and work my up.. Im using uniball Signo pen white and gold, on black paint. The best surface is acrylagouache because its so smooth and easy to draw on. For #makeartthatsells class we got an exercise to play with neutrals. I combined my tasks and used neutrals for 2 days. Its a nice alternative to brighter colors sometimes. I like muddyish colors, they are very soothing.

Daily Painting 1.30&31


I finished my first month of Daily Sketchbook paintings. Some days felt great and others I was definitely "off". But I am determined to do it every day regardless of how I feel. Sometimes just choosing what I want to paint seems like a huge task, others I just sit down and go.  For example this happened just yesterday and today. Yesterday I was getting a migraine, I just couldn't focus, so I put down the stripes and then just decided to draw with a pen over it.. It looks dark and sad to me... Today is better and I just painted. I guess I could just put a big dot down on a bad day..

Quick sketches from the Museum

I went to the Met on the final day of the Portrait exhibit they had, "The Renaissance Portrait from Donatello to Bellini" I was particularly

taken with the profiles of many of the subjects. I loved breaking it down

to the expression and shape of nose, chin and brow..