30 day Painting Challenge with Creativebug

PaintADay_1920X1080_1 I'm excited to share that I am now an instructor with Creativebug! The first class goes live on June 1 but you can start at anytime. Everyday for the month of June I hand picked an object to paint and I go through the steps with you on how to paint it. It was a great experience being out in San Fransisco at the CB offices and filming for a week. It is my first time on camera and I'm excited and nervous for it to be released into the world! They have many great classes and its so affordable to join. Click here to play along with me painting everyday. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!


Daily Sketchbook Paintings February 17th-23rd

2.23.15_s 2.22.15_s






I spent up until this week working in a larger sketchbook. But it was a challenge for me to fit the paintings into my 30 minute designated time slot. I've learned from experience that if I take any longer than that I start to get stressed out and I can't move on with my day. It was hard for me to admit that I couldn't do it. I'm now back to using a 5x8" sketchbook and it all seems so much more manageable and I'm happier. I will be doing larger paintings but just not with a time constraint around them.

Daily Painting Sketchbook Feb 3-9

2.9.15_s 2.8.15_s






I've been anxious to try new techniques.. The bigger sketchbook is definitely a challenge to get a whole painting done in 30 minutes. I think some days are more successful than others. I started using some vintage paper in a few of these which is something I want to explore more.. As you can see every day I wake up and do something very different from the last.. I go with my mood.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings Last Week of January

2.2.15_s 2.1.15_s





It's midwinter, freezing cold but with the exception of my cat gazing out the window at the snow I am channeling spring. I've been on a daytime social media freeze and I'm SO much more productive in my full day. There is just more time to think and get things done. I have momentary withdrawal pains though....

Daily Painting Sketchbook 12.5-16

12.15&16_s 12.13&14_s






I've been bogged down with some administrative work.. Not my cup of tea and it really adds stress. I wish it could be just painting all day. This project has saved me from having days where I do nothing creatively all day. I'm grateful I started. And now there is only less than 2 weeks to go and I have 365 paintings. In my last post of the year I will talk about some of the challenges and rewards. Its been an incredible journey that I will be continuing. (Maybe with New Years Day OFF!!)