Daily Sketchbook Paintings: The End of Volume 1

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So this week I finished my first sketchbook. It's FULL! Every last page is painted. It feels amazing to have accomplished this as well as great to be starting in a fresh book that isn't so thick and curvy. It got hard to paint in towards the end.. This week I also had a situation with ruining one of my pages. I spray fixative on each page so that the paint doesn't rub off on one another. It did in the beginning of the book and the pages look a bit distressed. I painted the apple as you see from the bottom photo that I showed on instagram. The next day I started doing my drawing in ball point pen (a first) I decided I didn't like it and painted over the page in orange acrylic and painted that cat. All was great. But when I sprayed the fixative onto the apple page all the ink bled through. Oh Well... It's just one of those things that happens. It's not worth getting to upset over it, and now it has a story. And I do have the pic!