Daily Sketchbook Paintings February 17th-23rd

2.23.15_s 2.22.15_s






I spent up until this week working in a larger sketchbook. But it was a challenge for me to fit the paintings into my 30 minute designated time slot. I've learned from experience that if I take any longer than that I start to get stressed out and I can't move on with my day. It was hard for me to admit that I couldn't do it. I'm now back to using a 5x8" sketchbook and it all seems so much more manageable and I'm happier. I will be doing larger paintings but just not with a time constraint around them.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings: The End of Volume 1

book 11.8&9_s



So this week I finished my first sketchbook. It's FULL! Every last page is painted. It feels amazing to have accomplished this as well as great to be starting in a fresh book that isn't so thick and curvy. It got hard to paint in towards the end.. This week I also had a situation with ruining one of my pages. I spray fixative on each page so that the paint doesn't rub off on one another. It did in the beginning of the book and the pages look a bit distressed. I painted the apple as you see from the bottom photo that I showed on instagram. The next day I started doing my drawing in ball point pen (a first) I decided I didn't like it and painted over the page in orange acrylic and painted that cat. All was great. But when I sprayed the fixative onto the apple page all the ink bled through. Oh Well... It's just one of those things that happens. It's not worth getting to upset over it, and now it has a story. And I do have the pic!

Daily Paintings 10.7-16

10.17&18_sa 10.15&16_s




Well, I got the dates all mixed up, but it's still a painting a day so I'm not going to spend time fixing it all up... I'll talk about being creative everyday in the sketchbook. Its hard. I had many days this week when I really had no idea what to paint. I got frustrated and tired. My fingers felt like they couldn't even hold a paintbrush. But I find its really helpful to just put on the timer go. I don't always love it, or even like it, but I did it. I guess its just about showing up. Some of my best ones have come out on a morning like that. You just never know.

Daily Sketchbook Paintings February 25-28

2.27&28 I finished 2 months of my sketchbook project today! It's been mainly a great experience so far, I wanted to get up and do this everyday. The downside is that even though it's only 30 minutes a day, it feels like much more. I spend some time thinking about what I am going to paint each day which can be overwhelming . But I've learned that I can always get something down, no matter how I feel. I've had days when I wish I was doing all this work on nice paper and not the sketchbook so I would be building up a nice group of finished work. But that would defeat the purpose of making these less precious. 10 more months to go.