New Habits

JOL_yoga_ivory_s I let myself go this year.... completely. A combination of tons of work and migraines and other life events, I didn't take care of myself. So many things are great but I feel weak and not at my best and a bit out of control. I decided to tackle my exercise issue the same way I do my sketchbook.

  1. I'm going to do yoga every day in 2016.
  2. The goal is at least 30 minutes, if I can build it up to 60 that will be great but I'm starting smaller. Asking too much of myself is a proven failure for me.  If I'm sick or busy or whatever I'll do 5 minutes. Just like I said with my sketchbook, "I'll paint a dot if need be" That never happened because once I start I can do more. Starting is the hardest part.
  3. I will post my progress here on the blog once a month by showing my crossed off calendar. I need the accountability so thanks if you are reading this!
  4. I will write a bit about how I feel and how it's changed me each month.

I realized I wasn't going to class anymore because of the time constraint. An hour and fifteen minute  class plus going and coming home is 2 hours out of the day. I just got a big block on that. A friend told me about a website called Yogaglo. I started a week ago and it's working. There are tons of classes to take so you can find something that fits for how you are feeling each day. I hope to make it back to classes too but if not this will be great.

Today I had a small family interaction that was upsetting. I couldn't concentrate, I was blaming myself. I didn't want to do yoga. But I STARTED. And now I feel so much better. That is positive reinforcement.


If you want to start a new habit for 2016 my friend Tammie Bennett who has been doing multiple small daily habits for 4 years now is offering an online class to inspire you to start too. Check it out here.