2015 Thoughts

myselection Here is a selection of 6 from the last 365 days of painting. I couldn't really choose favorites as each one has a memory and a meaning to me. I hope you all enjoyed following along for the 2nd year. Tomorrow I start year 3. I'm sort of amazed at myself. I also hope so many of you have also tried to start this habit. It's been the most amazing journey of my life.

2015 has been the year of so many new things. Feeling confidence in myself most days is a big one. Even on my "bad" days I did something, so that alone is an accomplishment. I've mentioned many times before that I have chronic migraines. I have to step back sometimes. But I learned that I can work through anything. I never felt so strong before.

I got an agent. Wow! That is going on 1 year in a few weeks. For me it's been an incredible positive in my life. I have lots of work that I love and I love Jennifer, I love having someone to talk to and to work with. I feel like I have a wonderful partnership and friend.


I wrote a book!! It's still a bit under wraps for a bit but I never thought in a million years that I would be the author of a book. It's really beautiful and will be fun to work with you on it. (details to follow).

I've been covered in so many publications that I love and more is to come. And a podcast, and an upcoming podcast in March. I'm shy so that is scary. My new mantra is to say yes. Then new things happen. Things you never thought were a possibility. And then it's ok.


Flow Magazine Illustrator issue and Flow Magazine issue 10


Uppercase Compendium


RISD XYZ (my alma mater)

I made so many new friends on Instagram and Facebook and I am so grateful for all the amazing support I get. That very certainly keeps me going, and going strong. Even when I think I can't. I never thought when I started that in 2 years I'd be closing in on 50,000 followers. That sounds insane... I get so much motivation from it and you tell me that I inspire you too so its just a huge win!

I sold work in my etsy store and it's being revamped for 2016. I will be offering prints of my work in 3 sizes. I finally got a new beautiful printer and the prints look like originals!


I got better at painting. I learned how to use periscope. I love to work, I want to do more amazing things. I made a list of out my dreams. I think that helps them come true. I loved 2015. In 2016 I want to teach, I want to grow in even more ways. If it's anything like 2015 I can't imagine whats to come....

And I really believe the core of it all is starting the daily painting project. Please try it, you will grow in so many ways. Whether it's painting, drawing, writing, meditating or dancing. Something everyday teaches you so much about yourself.

Thank you all for coming along with me and peace, happiness, creativity, love, painting and joy in 2016!


And by the way, I've done yoga everyday for the past week. I'm approaching it like my sketchbook and its working.Just start.