Week One of 2015 Daily Paintings

1.8.15_s 1.7.15_s






I'm starting anew for 2015! These paintings are still in a sketchbook but it is larger and for now I'm not painting on the back of each page so they are more like paintings unto themselves. I have kept the 30 minute time limit, I have spent a little extra time maybe up to 10 minutes sketching in pencil first. But I'm still trying to keep the immediacy of the paintings and not get hung up on perfection. I get my best work this way... This week with the exception of the gold/dk red on, the theme is my resolutions for 2015. To cook more, more self care, to get out and see the world, to keep up my interview blog for our local arts council. I still feel like I'm painting small on bigger paper so at some point I need to try to paint something at a larger scale within this size paper... I had a fun week with this!