Daily Sketchbook 9.30-10.12 Vacation edition

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I went on a 2 week vacation with my Mom at the beginning of September. It was a cruise, not my personal choice of vacation travel but I was with my Mom and we went to beautiful places, so I just went with the flow. I don't like getting off a boat and seeing a place for a few hours with hundreds of other tourists.. but I found those were some of my favorite paintings.. All the different faces and bodies and expressions. I could have painted everyone. I got to see the Dalmation Coast where I've never been before so I can decide if I want to go back for an extended stay. I think I still need to wind down from this before I can make any real decisions on that. I used a new sketchbook, as I didn't want to take the other one in case something happened to it. I made a few mistakes here, leaving a page blank here and there.. It's always a bit odd to be out of the regular routine.