Daily Sketchbook 4.28-5.7


This little girl is a beautiful old photo of my Mom in  1939 or so. She was standing on a patio but but I surrounded her with a garden instead. For my Make Art That sells class we are drawing vintage dolls and faces this week. I am completely in love with this project. So many to choose from, I may be painting dolls for a few days now!



Well. I was completely wrong on this one, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining so I thought spring had finally arrived. But when i opened the door a blast of cold air came in.. Oh well, NY has had NO spring. My sister as a little girl, She was (and still is) so pale and adorable, completely opposite of me.



Friends in stripes!



This is a milk glass vase I own and I just needed this burst of Zinnia color today, and the lady is a 5th grade teacher that I have an old photo of. She was actually digging up something at a marsh where we went on a field trip. I love painting from old black and white photos because I can imagine it as I wish.



Trying out a negative portrait and me looking pissed off at something. Can't remember anymore!