Daily Sketchbook Paintings 4.14-27


I got so busy that I didn't realize I forgot to upload my daily paintings for almost 2 weeks. You can follow along daily on instagram @augustwren. Here are a few thoughts about what I was painting each day. I really love painting faces, these people are from some old photographs of my family. I used a watered down acrylic black paint for the portraits. I used some old sketch reference I did for the flower vases. I'm finding more and more that the painting on the left side definitely informs what i do the next day on the right side. Especially with color.




I have been to Japan a few times, my brother used to live in Tokyo so I would go to visit when I could. I collected lots of cups, papers, magazines, so here I used some of that stuff for these pages.



A small still life from my kitchen the other day, and a page of Dahlias.



It was Easter and I really love the beautiful painted eggs , the girl took my ticket at the movies the other night. I love her hair.



Some of my paint.



An old man and the barrista at a coffee shop in NYC.



Yoga and me as a little girl in a shirt that I like. All in gouache.